Where humanity and moving pictures build the context for culture.


When every story’s been told, what’s left but to venture further beyond what’s already been discovered? We’re not breaking ground, we’re just tilling the soil–finding the bits of your story that let us see you clearly, perfectly, in motion.



Vision. Direction. A blank canvas. The starting line.



Striking visuals. Fresh perspective. Muddy boots and dirty hands



Inspired magic. Collaborative efforts. The human spirit caught on film.





We are a video production studio convinced that the best way to tell a story is through collaboration. From idea to applause, we will run with you, chasing angles, and lighting, and following your story by way of the unpaved roads. We recount your journey in a way that those who know you best might not recognize you, but perhaps for the first time, they’ll see you through and through.





Steve cachero

Founder/Creative Director

Steve has worked with a variety of clients, allowing him to both sharpen his technique and find new ways to incorporate it. Influenced by a multi-faceted creative background, his style has been cultivated and refined with help from the industry’s best artists.  

"It's where the narrative is told best, that you'll find the birthplace of culture." 

With clients ranging from Patagonia to NBC Universal, Steve brings innovative ideas to the creative process while simultaneously pulling the focus back to the story. It’s in this diligence to do each story justice where he has found a way to tell stories that have no shelf life.


Marketing Director / Producer

During her time studying Media and Global Poverty at UC Berkeley, Gina discovered her passion to express the untold story. With experience in documentary film at Zaentz Media Center in Emeryville, the PAC-12 Network, and 91x radio, Gina provides a creative approach to the business side of Cachero Studios. 

 Latest work



September 1st, 2015

Earlier this year, we got an opportunity to film with the Enjoy Handplanes team, who has been working closely with Patagonia. The two companies work together to utilize and repurpose material for products that consumers then can continue to enjoy and have a solution to waste in the surf industry. This video features a hand-plane that is made out of a mushroom core material that is buoyant. This video captures entire process and you'll get to know the companies that are behind the ground breaking technology.